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1250 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach      

Ocean Drive Area Description

Miami Beach is a large geographic area that spans over 100 blocks.

South Beach, is within the Miami Beach area.

Within South Beach you will find the Art Deco district. It's an area that's buildings were built in the 1930's to a certain architectural style.  This area is also quite large.

The famous Art Deco strip (as shown in pictures with the pastel colour buildings and neon lights at night) is on Ocean Drive between blocks 5 to 15th.  

Many hotels and condos state they are in South Beach - however, the further from Ocean Drive block 5 through 15, the farther they are from the heart of Miami Beach and the most sought after and visited area.   Anything higher than block 20, will require a cab or a car.

Our building is on Ocean Drive at 13th, The Carlyle,  and is an original Art Deco building that was built in the 1930's.  This building is on the quieter part of the strip, so there is no issue with noise in the unit.

Anywhere near 7-10th block, is noisy as some of the hotels have bars/live music/clubs that are outdoors until the wee hours.

Most of the hotels along Ocean Drive have restaurants on their main level which also include outdoor patios.  So as you walk up and down the street there are countless places to dine or have a drink.  

On the other side of the street is the beach.  So you can easily go to the beach for the day and come back to the room for a nap or go for lunch at one of the countless restaurants. 

There is also plenty of shopping that is within a short walk.  

The area is also very safe as there are always people around both day and night.  Most restaurants and clubs are open most of the night, so there is no issue with walking at night. 

Thousands of visitors come to Ocean Drive, but there are few vacation rental by owners.  Most of the street is lined with expensive hotels with small rooms.  The Carlyle was a hotel but was converted to vacation rentals.